Portraiture is my strongest skill within my practice, I have spent years of my life devoted to portraiture allowing me to capture great likenesses within my work. Portraiture is a skill that I will continue developing and improving far into the future, constantly adapting my style to keep my work fresh.


Bernard Cribbins

To commemorate the passing of British legend Bernard Cribbins, I illustrated this expressive portrait of his famous Doctor Who character 'Wilf'. The image was then used by the Doctor Who social media team to mark the passing of the actor on their platforms.

Joy Crookes

Inspired by the music of Joy Crookes, I illustrated this vibrant portrait of her. I aimed to create an energetic, warm atmosphere within the portrait incorporating fiery tones, repeat patterns and an infectious grin! This illustration highlights the blend of styles that makes my work unique and contemporary.

joy copy.jpg
toast copy.jpg

Toast Of

Created on the release of the surreal comedy series 'Toast of Tinsel Town', a show that follows a dramatic English actor's break into the American market, I leaned heavily into the action movie star aesthetic. Using plenty of bright warm colours and dramatic poses was a must for capturing the Hollywood look. I enjoyed working with framing on this illustration and finding a new sense of depth when breaking out of it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I had a lot of fun with the composition for this illustration, using a unique framing device within the work bringing literal focus through the lenses of the glasses. It is always a great joy to illustrate a distinguished face, full of character, and Larry David has to be up there with my favorite portraits to work on.

curb your enthusiasm.jpg
peep show a2.jpg

Peep Show

Inspired by the Bond posters of old and applied to the cult classic program Peep Show, I created this dramatic ensemble illustration. One thing that I have always been drawn to in my practice is an ensemble piece. Illustrating a large group of people whilst maintaining a high standard for each is one of the more challenging aspects of my work. It also brings a unique outcome and opens new doors of compositional opportunities working with the human gaze.