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Portraiture is my strongest skill within my practice, I have spent years of my life devoted to portraiture allowing me to capture great likenesses within my work. Portraiture is a skill that I will continue developing and improving far into the future, constantly adapting my style to keep my work fresh.

Pedro Pascal

This bold and vibrant portrait is a prime example of my portraiture that showcases my style perfectly. The illustration of Pedro Pascal shows my love of bright saturated palettes, and my use of textures and expresses hints of retro styling. 

The tears of ronaldo
Commissioned by A1Majalla Magazine
AD Sara Loane

Commissioned by A1 Majalla Magazine, this editorial portrait went alongside an article about Ronaldo's time in the Qatar World Cup. I wanted to play on the rivalry between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, with the tears of Ronaldo forming the Argentinian flag.

sigrid copy.jpg


An atmospheric portrait of singer Sigrid. Working on this image, I wanted to create a real sense of emotion through lighting, I also wanted to ensure I was a little more subtle with my textures creating a softer feeling illustration.


Michael Caine

A fun portrait study of a young Michael Caine, sightly different to my other portrait work. This piece originated as a hand drawn sketch that I enjoyed so much, I decided to take it into digital. Where most of my work is drawn digitally from the get go, the texture of this piece shines from traditional methods.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I had a lot of fun with the composition for this illustration, using a unique framing device within the work bringing literal focus through the lenses of the glasses. It is always a great joy to illustrate a distinguished face, full of character, and Larry David has to be up there with my favorite portraits to work on.

curb your enthusiasm.jpg
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