I’m Andy, an illustrator based in London. In my work, I create images that are full of energy, flair, and possibility. My use of texture and half-tones makes my work stand out both on screen and in print adding value and quality wherever it’s employed. I have many strengths in my practice, with skill in conceptual illustration ranging through landscapes and environments to capturing great likeness and flair in portraiture. My style truly bridges the gap between graphic illustration and more traditional markmaking, bringing a unique edge to my work that makes it versatile. I specialise in editorial illustration, able to work with tight deadlines without compromising the outcome. My work is also perfect for advertising, bringing energy and character to branding campaigns.

In terms of my personal life, I am originally from Wolverhampton/ Dudley, the land of hopes, dreams, and Lenny Henry. I moved to the beautiful countryside of Shropshire at a young age before attending University in Bournemouth at the Arts University Bournemouth, where I did both a Bachelor's and a Master's in illustration. From Bournemouth, I moved to London where I live currently.

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