When I have an illustration that encompasses a large scene with a focus being on capturing atmosphere, I put that into the category of 'Environments' these pieces can have varied uses from books and editorial pieces, to use in advertising.

cats in the cradle copy.jpg

Surf & Travel

I had very little idea of where this illustration was going, I pieced the image together as I went along using my instinct to plot the composition and palette. What came out in the finalisation was this funky, bold and surreal illustration with themes of travel and wanderlust. What I found particularly interesting whilst working on this piece was working to more of a spiral composition rather than keeping to a more rigid structure.

Rustic  buildings

Inspired by some of the iconic brickwork buildings around London, this rust coloured architectural illustration shows a worn whiskey ad plastered on the side of a building. I created a multicoloured brick pattern and experimented a lot with how it worked in the illustration, trying different things till I got the result I was looking for. I also worked with various textures and overlays to capture that vintage rust that gives the image an edge.

final compressed.jpg

Commissioned for a home office
16 x 48 Inches

Commissioned for hanging on the wall of a home office, I was given free reign when it came to concept and composition. I went for a soft surrealism for this piece taking influence from italian architecture creating this panoramic illustration that encapsulates the essence of a city break lifestyle. The piece was designed to split into three parts mounted on MDF to be hung with a gap of about 2 inches between each panel.

fridge copy_edited.jpg


Think 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' but instead 'The Penguin, The Skis and The Refridgerator'. This was a really enjoyable wintery image to work on that also has a touch of that Springtime energy to it. I wanted to work with a contrasting colour palette, pairing the icy blues with a bold red and yellow that adds to the movement of the image. I also decided to leave some remanence of my linework in the image as I felt it added to the textures and worked nicely giving the image more structure.

Rainforest Bookmarks

Three distinct rainforest scenes working with three different rainforest dwellers. I wanted each design to have a similar composition so they felt part of the same series. I was inspired in terms of palette by stories of El 'dorado and the orange/ gold against the green of the leaves and trees makes the illustrations pop in a fantastic way. I also used a lot of halftones for highlighting which is a unique pairing when creating a nature based work, I feel as though it gives the illustrations an edge that takes it away from a standard postcard illustration.

hawley arms.jpg

Camden Pub Series

Combining image and text, I created a series of architectural illustration of some of my local pubs in Camden. I created this series during the national Lockdown in the pandemic when all the pubs were shut and some faced permanent closure.