Editorial Illustration is a big part of my practice, utilising my skills as both a conceptual thinker and my efficiency in creating quality work. I have honed my practice to fit around tighter deadlines without having to compromise on final finsish and producing something unique to perfectly compliment any article or theme.

Ethos Magazine - Good Business.jpg

Good Business
Commissioned by ETHOS Magazine
AD Fiona Shaw

This was a very open brief to respond to the slogan 'Don't just make it business as usual, make it good business' with a vintage ad inspired look. I decided to interpret the phrase 'Good business' as a diverse team working environment that functions as a well-oiled machine. Depicted as the front of a building in a lovely orange and deep sage green with a variety of employees working. I wanted to make sure that no one felt like the boss and instead show a balanced workforce, adding subtle surreal elements such as the file pulley system, the coffee poured from above and the hammock workstation. The finished illustration shows an idyllic work environment with hints of retro flair, my idea of 'Good business'

final copy 1.jpg

Can you change yourself?
Commissioned by FT Weekend
AD Graham Tuckwel

This was created as a piece to accompany an article about changing your career, written by Lucy Kellaway on the front page of the Life & Arts section of FT Weekend. I had a great time making this illustration and achieving a really strong concept with the two central doorways. I also incorporated a saturation gradient to further differentiate the two scenes. I was also asked to produce two small spot illustrations for the online article. I really wanted to implement texture in this illustration to insure it didn't feel flat and lifeless, something that I achieved through my use of halftones.

spot illo school table copy.png
spot illo city copy.png
final .jpg

True Detectives
Commissioned by FT Weekend
AD Graham Tuckwel

This illustration was all about the lack of diversity within authors of crime and thriller fiction. The concept behind the illustration came from a section of the article which spoke about writers using more Anglo-Saxon names when trying to get published with hopes to increase their chances. The big theme was this idea of a masked identity and I wanted to utilize that in my illustration. I wanted to create a palette that reflected the crime and thriller genre, using these dark purples and blues to create an ambience that fit.

Best of both worlds
Commissioned by VSO - Kin Magazine
AD Umisha Bhatia

This double-page spread for the VSO supporters magazine was all about Permaculture and Volunteer Chris Evans' work in Nepal, both in-person and remotely during the pandemic. I was pleased to work on an illustration that allowed me to include my portraiture and environment work together. This brief required an accurate depiction of farming in Nepal, down to specific vegetables they grow and the equipment they use. 

VSO Kin magazine Editorial.jpg

A Rotten Orchard
Commissioned by Popshot magazine
AD Glynn Perkins

Created for the magazine Popshot, I got to work with poetry and build on the abstract imagery within the text. I wanted to use the imagery of the poem as a framing device for the poem itself. I particularly gravitated to the idea of an abyss opening in the bedside wall where the thoughts of the author are kept.