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Editorial Illustration is a big part of my practice, utilising my skills as both a conceptual thinker and my efficiency in creating quality work. I have honed my practice to fit around tighter deadlines without having to compromise on final finish and producing something unique to perfectly compliment any article or theme.

David cameron returning to politics
Commissioned by Al Majalla Magazine
AD Sara Loane

A political illustration to mark the return of David Cameron to politics, depicting Cameron as Mary Poppins floating into Downing Street to try sort out the struggling children also known as the Conservative party. I love including pop culture into my editorial work, adding a fun spin on current events.

david c final.jpg
threads copy.jpg


Move over Twitter, there is a new Sheriff in the world of social media! An illustration I created to mark the launch of Threads, Metas answer to Twitter. The idea of using the Threads logo as the end of a lasso being weilded by Zuckerberg came fairly quickly. I simply couldn't miss the opportunity to create this editorial piece.

newcastle united alternative.jpg

Saudi Arabia's hand in football
Commissioned by A1 MAJALLA MAGAZINE
AD Sara loane

With the influence of Saudi Arabia on football, and especially their hand in turning Newcastle United into a top Premier League club, I was commissioned to visualise their part to play in the sport. I went with a strong simple image of a Saudi embellished keeper's glove rising from the dunes making a quality save, hoisting the football proudly against the warring elements.

Janet Yellen
Commissioned by Al MAJALLA MAGAZINE
AD Sara loane

Janet Yellen is a US political figure witha mind for economics. The illustration was for an article which highlighted her fight to lead the US away from Wall Street to benefit the masses.

yellen main final.jpg

A Rotten Orchard
Commissioned by Popshot magazine
AD Glynn Perkins

Created for the magazine Popshot, I got to work with poetry and build on the abstract imagery within the text. I wanted to use the imagery of the poem as a framing device for the poem itself. I particularly gravitated to the idea of an abyss opening in the bedside wall where the thoughts of the author are kept.

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