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My illustration style can give advertising campaigns a real flair. My work when applied in a branding and advertising context offers a clean and unique style that avoids falling into the heavily used corporate styles used today and instead stands out.


Euston Over station development
Commissioned by Euston Soundings Office

I was tasked with creating a range of 10 illustrations visualising and reacting to community ideas for a planned development above Euston station. Above are some of my favourites from the project, illustrations that bring a vibrant conceptual view on the ideas presented by members of the Camden community. Illustrations in this context can often become mundane and predictable, which my style avoids completely. My style brought a unique, textured, lively and playful angle to this project, capturing the essence of what the brief was all about. 

aperol mocks.jpg

Aperol Spritz

An uncommissioned piece for portfolio use, showing how my work can be used within a branding and advertising context. I used the current logo for Aperol Spritz as a spring board to work my illustration around and create something unique that can fit in different contexts, such as on the side of a glass or as the label of a can. I wanted to capture the essence of summer and relaxation that is associated with this iconic Italian drink creating an asset with multiple uses and showcasing my skills when it comes to graphic design.

king crab comp.jpg

King Crab ATL
Commissioned by King Crab ATL for packaging artwork

In this commission, I wanted to ensure the illustration was split into four parts for each side of the box packaging with a new element on each panel. A big challenge with this piece was avoiding overcrowding the scene, ensuring the focus was on the diver reaching for the product. 

Capturing the ominous eerie and autumnal themes of this short film. The composition and palette of this work were deliberate and planned together with the text. I think something that makes this stand out in particular is the sprawling shadows cast on the ground from the actors with the light emanating from the barn which is where the film was shot. I wanted to position the figures at the doors to the barn as if welcoming you into the space where the story takes place.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Commissioned by The Hereford Shakespeare Club

final poster without date.jpg
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